About Tent City Outfitters

Tent city outfitters store is a family owned and operated business, founded in 1982. Originally located in richmond hill on yonge street, the company's early years were devoted to building a clientele for its camping equipment, army surplus and outdoor apparel for the outdoor enthusiasts.

The beginning

In 1991, Tent city relocated to 1600 steeles ave. West in concord, where 7500 square feet of quality merchandise is on display to meet the needs of all types of campers. Approximately 40 tents are on display and the layout of the store is designed to help the customer with any large or small necessity needed to enjoy the outdoors. Over the years, many new lines have been included, which has resulted in even greater customer satisfaction.

Our success

Tent city's success is a result of our commitment to customer service and the full range of product options provided to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. An experienced sales team is committed to answering all your questions and concerns. Sales people are continually undergoing training on new product lines and trends.

The difference

What makes tent city's shopping experience different from its competitors is that the sales staff spends time with each customer and helps them decide what the right purchase is for them. At tent city, you will find what you need to enjoy the great outdoors. We take pride in our promise to provide the highest quality products, competitive prices, and service that will make your shopping experience enjoyable.